A electrical malfunction, better performance?

Very strange occurences after a electrical mishap, may have amde a "monster" out of my vid card!

I have some freinds that enjoy me working on their computers (for what reason who knows) and I enjoy it because they usualy have the oney to upgrade often and it gives me the oppurtunity to see newer hardware in action(since I am so poor)
I have one freind who is starting a music stuido, runs Reason and Pro Tools on one of his computers there.
Recently he had a problem with his computer not posting, thi8nking it was his graphics he imediatley got to work (he loves to tinker with his pc, crew it up then call me to fix it.... lol....)
I had recently given him one of my BFG 6800GT's OC with the blue led copper cooler, installed a giany Zalman copper flower with copper memory sinks.
GPU Clock 370mhz
Memory 1000mhz
He called me and told me the problems and stated he had worked on it trying to fix things with no luck, this being his studio, it has to be ready 24/7 to accomidate for musicians coming in anytime they want to to record.
He finally agreed to me coming down and taking a look he said he had tried everything he could think of (which usualy consists of buying new psu's, memory etc to do quick fixes he call them)
After close inspection I noticed he had not connected the 4 pin molex tothe vid card before starting it,m asking him about it he said he had heard tones coming from the computer when he tried to start it but didnt know what they were for....lol... 8(
I connected veerything, made a quick check on all connections, connected psu tester etc... blah blah blah.....
Ater quick turn on, nothing so I decided to shut it down and not take too many chances, I then removed the 6800gt, installed a different agp card, still problems so I installed a pci vid card and wah lah! (making this story as quick a possible 8))
Basically the AGP slot had fried or whatever (not an expert by far) so I reassembled it all, got it going again, told him the 6800 was probably fried also so I told him I would test iot later and all....
I have a computer at home with the same vid card so thought I would give it one more shot just to make sure at home.
After installing the 6800, I made sure we were all setup ready to go, even uninstalled drivers, used driver cleaner, re-installed etc.... Card actually booted up and ran!...8)
I have a graphics tester prgram (not even sure where I got it etc.. its been so long ago) written by Masaki Kawase www.daionet.gr.jp/'masa??? something like that... anyway....
To my astonishment it looked as if things were running faster than usual, than with my usual bfg 6800gt oc card!
I dont remember exactly but seemed it was running 20-30 more fps...

I have NV hard page installed so I activated the overcloacking abilities etc....
Basicaly I didnt pay much attention to all of this at first then decided to take a closer look, when I opened the Nvidia p[anel, to my stonishment, an error showed up to say that my memory clok was now running at 2.0 ghz, LMAO!... Knowing this had to be an error, I decided to uninstall all the drivers for the card, hard page etc.... then re-install to show the correct speeds...
OOPS! It again showed a default memory speed of 2.0ghz!
Again, knowing for sure this had to be some kind of error, I even installed a new hard drive and started over freash to show the error was somewhere in the program... Well thank god, after all of this I looked once more and WAH LAH!
I than began to check much closer, temps etc....
Temps were just slightly higher showing on core, to touch memory temps were basicaly no different, not smell of frying etc!....lol...
Basicaly no matter what I do this card shows the memory running at 2ghz and when I allow the p[anel to auto overclock it goes to about 450 GPU core and 2.15 to 2.25 ghz on the memory!
Lately I see a performance boost in alot of games, Oblivion etc.... as well there was one benchmark tool that seemd to run so fast it was rediculous (just cant remember what it was, it was on an older hard drive I was testing with and I stupidly erased most of that drive)
On the drive I use daily, I see the boost in performance but cant do too much with it, I also do graphic design and dont want to wipe that drive out, its a 160gb drive thats about %95 full with everything from designs to garbage downloaded years ago....lol...
I recently decided to do some upgrades, I have a Intel cd2 e6400 and new motherboard with 2 gb's of ocz gold dual channel I am going to put together soon (b4 end of the month) and I will get another drive I can load just to do testing on things.
Bottom line, can yopu tell me what you would use to do some comparisons with thios vid card and my other one that may show why this is doing what its doing?
Any tests you all would like me to try and see whats going on with this card exactly?
Thought this was strange and just wanted to share it with you, maybe find out what exactyly could have happened to make this difference, especially the ram showingh up as 2ghz default speeds.... lol .....
Thanks for your time, youve been great!
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  1. 105 views with no answer?
    I assure you this is no joke, the poll is but the rest is not....
    I am really curious as to what could cause something like that, or if it just made the clock speeds report that far off...
  2. Why dont you run 3DMark and give us some score to compare with? Sounds pretty amazing if you ask me.
  3. I sure am, thing is I was waiting until I get my new cooler, this way I will have a freash hard drive and clean slate alround, then it can be compared to other similar systems correct?
    I guess I could run 3dmark now but my hard drive is so cluttered Im sure it will be a bad one, been almost 4 years since I have done anything to it, before getting into graphics I used to keep it "clean", I think on this next upgrade I am going to do a Hard drive swap (graphics etc... on one drive, all gaming on another), keep the games drive clean and running tip top sort of. I just thought this was something that some people may find interesting.
    I assure you that in the Nvidia panel it shows memory clock at 2ghz no matter what I do, I will also take screenshots of that, I dont think that its runnning 50% better compared to memory clock being %50 higher, but there is noticeable improvements with games etc...
    I am just basicaly wondering how it keeps showing that high of clock rate and not frying it up!....lol....
  4. Run the benchmarks now and later, comparison.
    Please post ORB's for 3D Mark's (compare link).
  5. I will do asap, also post some screens on my web servers....
  6. Shoot man, I wanna see this.
  7. Hope this is not breaking any rules, I didnt really see any posts about screenshots of course I am half blind, may have missed it), last thing I would do is break rules here....
    Here are the start of screenshots for this card, the more tests I do the more I will take to verify.


    Again thank you, if this breaks any rules please erase it asap and let me know.
  8. Quote:
    105 views with no answer?
    I assure you this is no joke, the poll is but the rest is not....
    I am really curious as to what could cause something like that, or if it just made the clock speeds report that far off...

    Your post is very long, incoherent, and misspelled, so most people blow it off after the first paragraph.
  9. Quote:
    Your post is very long, incoherent, and misspelled, so most people blow it off after the first paragraph

    Wow, it is amazing how some minds think. I am sorry for being so incoherent and long winded, let alone my irrehensible spelling.
    I really am sorry if this post offended anyone but I wanted to make sure I explained everything fully so it wouldn't be thought as a scam.
    I also tried to add a little humour because of its length, bad humour at that.
    I just recently am feeling better as I was bed ridden with a Liver disease that has literaly kicked my "ars", therfore I type to fast as I can only sit upright for a short period of time, therfore the misspelled words.
    I am truly sorry for the bad post, didn't know I was being graded by a person who joined Feb 23, 2006 and has started a total of 4 posts....(which sir, you should check your grammar & spelling in also)
    Again, I am truly sorry if this or any of my post's have offended anyone.
  10. I did not mean to offend you. I was just suggesting a reason for why your post had 105 views and no responses. I also have no problem with a long post to thoroughly describe your situation when it can be easily read.
  11. I apologize if I seem offended, been very ill and tired these days, just though I was being "attacked", sorry.....
  12. Yeah, I can sympatize with that, because I know from a personal point of view what those liver treatments can be like, well some of them anyway. Hope you get better and pull through it. :)
  13. So does anyone have any ideas why it woud register like that on those screenshots?
    Alo I wll do a benchmark today before I wipe it all out again and add my new hardware (C2D E6400 wth its own water cooler, DDRII 667mhz, and a modified Koolance NV2 with its own water cooler)
    Then I will do more benchmarks with the "fried" card and a "non-fried" card lol.....
    Thanks for your suppourt also 8)
  14. Sorry guys/gals been bed ridden latley... 8(
    I am working on the benchmark of this card and one similar to it to compare them.
  15. Good to hear from you. I hope you're feeling better soon.
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