SATA 150 Cables on SATA 300 mobo/harddrives

Is there any reason why one would not want to/could not use a 39" SATA 150 cable on a motherboard with SATA300 to connect drives that are SATA300. ...any performance/compatibility issues worth considering?

I can't seem to find descent 39" SATA 300 cables (without the frick'n latch) so I'm wondering if SATA 150's would be okay to use. I'm asking this seemingly dumb ?? as I've ordered, but not yet received, an Asus S.E. and a review said the SATA locking-latch type cables that I currently have don't fit on the right-angle connectors on the motherboard.

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  1. There are no SATA150 / SATA300 cables. They are all the same, except for features like the latch you seem to despise. The SATA cable is generic. It can transfer at whatever rate the bus it is connected to, dictates.
  2. I see a lot of people ask that same question. It will still work if you hook it up to a SATA300 hard drive and matching port.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, I'm sure you're right. ...even if performance is theoretically affected I doubt it something I'll really least I hope not.
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