will my psu be good enough for future upgrade

Have been having a fair few issues with my pc and am buying a new psu which i am fairly certain is why these problems are happening. I know it will cope with my system now but if i upgrade in a year

supply i'm considering is:
Hiper 580W Type-R Modular PSU SLI/CrossFire Certified - Blue

system at the mo:
core 2 6300
2 gig corsair 533 ram
asrock 775-dual vsta
80 gig maxtor
6 gig backup
asus v9999 128 mb agp
several fans, floppy, cdrw/dvdrw combo
possible pci sound card

so in a year or so i'd need a new motherboard to support full bandwidth of graphics card i will also get then, will my system be ok with latest geforce, what about an 8800 ? and any1 reckon it would support an sli setup, the name clearly suggests so? anyone out there who thinks this is a poor psu, might be useful to know aswell. Cheers
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  1. The Hiper 580w PSU should be fine is more than enough for a C2D CPU and the 8800GTX. However, going SLI with two 8800GTX is not recommend depending whatever else you plan on puttig into your PC.

    It has been rumored that the 2nd generation of DX10 GPUs will use less power than the current generation of DX10 GPUs. That is a reasonable rumor since the GeForce 7900s are both more powerful and consumed a little less power than the 7800s.
  2. Hey buddy, make sure the PSU is ATX 2.2 and not ATX12V 2.2 like mine if u want to futureproof.
  3. ok, thnx 4 that, how did you find out its ampage ?( if that's what it's called ) may look for a 32A one, although i suspect it will cost me. Can't see that info on ebuyer sight, do i have to visit manufacturers web site?
  4. antec true power trio 550 W with 3 12v rails


    Hiper 580W Type-R Modular PSU SLI/CrossFire Certified - Blue


    can someone tell me which is the best psu out of these two. And show me
    how you calculate total current combing both or three rails?

    have read the psu 101 thing, and it has cleared a few things up but still
    struggling with calculations. Will continue to have a look and try to
    understand it but this would def hurry things along.
  5. thnx for that will buy the antec trio.
  6. Quote:
    You have no clue what your talking about do you. ATX 2.2 and ATX12v 2.2 are the same thing.

    O.K. Jackass I'm not talking about wattage. I'm talking about the 8pin connector that is needed for many of the newer boards.
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