Broadband probs can u help plz

Hi all

I will try and make this brief as i dont really know what im talking about. After getting fed up with dial up i decide to get broadband its never worked and i recently changed supplier to bt to see if they would be more helpful. I got everything set up right and firstly we tried a modem which wouldnt work and then router which still doesnt work. What happens is the adsl light flashes for about 12 - 15secs then goes solid for about 12 - 15 secs and this happens continuously. A bt engineer has been out and he can connect to our phone line using a laptop and his modem?? but he says the computer is not at fault and he doesnt understand how he can connect and we cant. Any ideas as to what is wrong as its been like this now for 4 months. We have tried different filters and modems and routers etc to no avail and now we are getting desparate. Any ideas would be hekpful thanks.
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  1. Weak signal? noise in the line?
    When you say he connects with a modem are you talking an adsl modem or pot modem?
    Hopefully you havent been paying them all this time.
  2. If the tech connected the line is good. Did he use your modem or his?

    ADSL generally requires auth, it apears this is failing. If setup software came with the service, re-run it.
  3. The engineer that came out used his own modem which was an adsl modem. I have since spoke to the service provider again and now they seem to think there is a problem with my account. Yippee bl**dy yay!! Thanks for the advice.
  4. If you have broadband available from your cable company, give that a shot. DSL has always had more problems than cable in my experience. Not that DSL is bad, it's just usually more complicated than cable and all the cable around here is waay faster than DSL.
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