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would 3dmark2006 be a good program to test my computer against my friends computer or does this program only test your graphic performace or does it analisy your whole systems performance. Reply Back please thank you so much
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  1. In addition to what Jack said, I use 3DMark06 as a gauge for whether the last change I did in BIOS for overclocking helped or hurt. Nothing like getting the system to boot up and look good, then after starting the test, find out it fails after a minute or so. Running it at the same time as I run Prime95 also gives the system a very good stress test.

    A thing I did find out was after a certain point, boosting the cpu speed did very little as far as the 3DMark06 score. Then it becomes a matter of better graphics cards then anything else. Overall, I find its only a test to best compare changes that I make to my computer, rather than my computer against someone else's computer. Well, that's my 2 cents worth.
  2. pcwizard has several benchmarks to compare sys with.

    they are kinda basic but it gives you scores.
  3. If you get a 3dmark06 score of over 24,500 then submit it!
  4. What all the above said!

    I might only add, if you wonder which PC is the fatest in a particular area, you can tell us which one and we can probably find a good benchmark.

    3DMark06 seams more CPU dependant then the earlier version it is still massively GFX dependant
  5. Also I heard 3dmark07 will greatly utilize the dual-core processors.
  6. If your going to use a synthetic benchie with your friend, chose 3Dmark05. I remember when 06 came out reading about some questionable code choices the 06version made. It runs different code paths depending on the video card that was used. If I remember correctly, it provides Nvidia cards with an extra boost to their score, while ATI cards can suffer. 05 didn't have this problem.

    I agree with JJ. Stick to real world applications that you two can both run. Get a common game or two, or zip/unzip a set of files, etc. Real applications that people do. (this counts out superpi btw.)
  7. 3Dmark06 already does great (better than any game I've seen) at multi threading. Look at Kentsfield vs Conroe. So I can't see 07 doing much better.

    Use 3Dmark05 for this years games, 3dmark06 for 07games, and 3dmark07 for 08 games(or Dx10 games). Those future marks folks are ahead of their time.
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