New CPU, wont post or ANYTHING

Just installed an x2 4200 (had a 64 939) and now when i start it up nothing comes up on my monitor, as if my computer were still off. Changing from DVI to analog doesn't change anything, and the monitor works with another PC. Haven't tested PC on another monitor yet because I can't... but hopefully you all can help me out....

Mobo: ECS KN1 SLI Lite (1.0A)
GFX: xfx 7900gt
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  1. i had a similiar problem when i changed cpus before. i fixed it by turning my computer off removing all but i stick of memory unplugged all devices not needed .example cd drives usb devices etc.reset bios then booted up .it then reconized everything,i set bios clock loaded defaults saved rebooted then turned it off,reinstalled all devices and memory and it booted fine.key is to boot with new cpu at least twice before adding devices back.hope that helps it worked for me.also in another instal i had to do the same but it failed until i upped the power supply the single core ran fine but more power was needed for a dual core.
  2. does it work with your old cpu?
    or do you still have the old one?

    if so install the old one and get it going
    then uninstall the a64 drivers
    and reboot.

    then flash bios to the newest
    and download the amd dualcore optimizer from thier website.

    then swap cpu,s.

    that may do the trick.
  3. I do still have the old cpu. So i guess I will reinstall that and upgrade BIOS.

    I dont think its my PSU, I have a good one thats has run many different setups, one including a 165 opty at 2.8GHz and 7900gt (different mobo though!!!)

    Tried taking out the extra memory and resetting the cmos but that didnt work.

    Ill be back in a sec i guess :) Thanks for the help so far.... what a waist of my AS5 though lol.
  4. Quote:
    what a waist of my AS5 though lol.

    the as5 doesnt make much if any difference.

    it hasnt made any for me.

    good luck with your problem.
  5. AHHH No change at ALL!! I thought the updated BIOS would do it but NO!!!

    Now im totally stumped... Im going to try to get into touch with some tech support from the mobo manufacturer... anymore ideas?? I cant believe its not working now....

    What would happen if a CPU is DOA?
  6. the cpu can be doa it is possible.

    man i dont know :?
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