Intel DG965WH & Corsair CM2X512A-6400

Hello everyone, i'm from India, & i've bought this Intel DG956WH Motherboard & 1GB Corsair RAM (DDR2 Twin2X1024A-6400 800MHz / CM2X512A-6400) from USA.(thru a frnd)

but after some re-searching in Intel's site, i came to know that 965WH mobo supports upto 1.8Volts, & this 512x2 Sticks are @ 1.9Volts.

So can you guys please help me in resolving this issue.


please guys, i'm a noob when it comes to BIOS & tweaking stuffs. please provide me HELP with step by step procedure.

i cannot return this RAM sticks, coz it'll take another 2-3months.

if you guys need any further info on this(RAM model...), please tell me
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  1. Have you installed the memory and tried to boot and run the system? It may all work just fine. The only way to know for sure is to test it.
  2. hi guys, 2day only i cud try my new mobo & RAM, guess what i could boot into BIOS :D

    this is "Advanced Setting" page in BIOS.

    i was able to change the freq. (533,667,800)
    pls guys explain the other things in that screen

    1st time i missed the BIOS(forgot to pres F1), it showed this error. is it normal as i did not connect anything, except Procy, RAM?

    The Firmware has detected that a CMOS Checksum Error has Occured
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