Can I use DDR2-800 (or higher) memory with a 533FSB CPU?

Looking at putting together a system based on a OC'ed Pentium 805D until the prices of the better chips comes down a bit.

However, I'm going to put the 805 chip on a decent mobo like the Gigabyte 965P-S3 so the board will keep me going through a CPU upgrade or two down the road.

So, since the mobo will support DDR2-800, will it work to get this type of memory for future upgrade considerations even though I'm going to start with 805D CPU at 533fsb?

Don't be too hard on my "entry level" CPU choice - I'm still on a PIII 1GHz right now... :)

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  1. yeah itll work. the bios should set up a memory divider, i guess a 2:3 ratio or something to that effect (800*.666=533). either that or you can just underclock your RAM down to 533 speed.

    i think the e4300 or whatever the cheapest core 2 is called is coming out in a few weeks, which would only be about 40 or 50 more than the pentium D, if you have some time to wait.
  2. I agree with chocobocorey. You're correct that DDR2 800Mhz RAM will provide you with upgradability, but you'll be much happier with any C2D that you can afford. 8)
  3. I can wait, but not sure the nice chunk of restocking fees that a well-known merchant agreed to waive (contingent on a new order) will wait that long.
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