anyone have a Radeon X1950 XT, or someone that can help me.

I read how its the best card under 300$ and thats what i was gonna spend on a card. I went to newegg where i am gonna order my new computer from and the reviews scare the hell out of me, not being able to read drivers at all, Very very loud, and overheating issues is not something i really want to deal with either. And why is that card not listed on the vga charts, there is no 1950 xt on there, just 1950 xtx's.

So do any of you own this card and have a lot of problems with it, cuz the 7900 gtx has like 100% great reviews
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  1. Many reviewers don't know that ATI Tool can be used on the 19xx series cards to set up Temp/RPM tables for quieter fan operations, as well as overclocking. Reviewers also fail to mention that the 19xx series uses a dual slot rear exaust cooling design which has a significant impact on keeping your case temps low. The nVidia 79xx series just recirculates hot air inside your case, which is not an ideal situatiuon for keeping an OC'd CPU cool. Only the nVidia 8800 series also uses dual slot rear exaust. 8)
  2. Well i have a 1950xt, it performs great but any game i play freezes up after some time, but i think it's a software issue.

    I bought the HIS iceq3 version and it doesn't overheat at all and my case circulation sucks.
  3. I also have the HIS iceQ version. No problems at all.
  4. The X1950 XT is an awesome card, but I suspect people aren't using sufficient power supplies with it. It's fairly power hungry.

    A good name brand 450w with a strong 12v rail (at least 25 amps) should keep it stable.
  5. I have an X1900 XTX it's running 100% stable no issues.

    the fans are a little loud but nothing to get stressed over.... when reviewers are splitting hairs a molehill will become a mountain.

    that said get an Arctic cooler X2 GPU heatsink for it 100% silent operation for less than $30.00

    p.s. I'd reccomend you get some kind of flow across the VRM's they tend to run hot.

    I'm not saying they will die before 5-7 years of use but if you are worried about temps the VRM's tend to run 50c plus and adding even a quiet little fan drops that temp down 15c even under load.

    p.s.s. I've since switched to water cooling but when I was using my Arctic cooler X2 I pull the stock fan and mounted an 80mm fan on top for flow, it improved flow substancially.
  6. the Thermalright hr-03 will get your idle temps down in the 30's and your load in the 50's :)
  7. What is the HIS iceQ version?

    and why isn't it listed on any of the vga charts?

    and how can you tell if a case has good airflow?
  8. I have this X1950XT: $220

    And it works great
  9. Quote:
    What is the HIS iceQ version?

    and why isn't it listed on any of the vga charts?

    and how can you tell if a case has good airflow?

    It's not listed because HIS is the brand, like Evga, BFG, Sapphire , etc.

    HIS IceQ is the 1950xt with an advanced cooler on the card, info on the latest version can be found here
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