7200.10 rpm or 10,000rpm hard drive??

Im building a new computer and i have a question on the hard drive

My build will be...

E6600 c2d
1x EVGA 8800GTX
EVGA 680i motherboard
2 x 1 gb corsair 4-4-4-12 ram
610 power supply

Now Im having a hard time deciding if i should buy a raptor or just a Seagate 7200.10 rpm hard drive.

I just play games on my computer, so will it make a big enough difference in speed if i get the raptor?

One thing I dont like about the raptor is that i hear its super loud.

But if the speed difference is noticable i would be willing to get the raptor.

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  1. not that much difference.

    not for the price difference imo.
  2. thanks for reply sirheck
  3. a 10000rpm 150gig hdd is around 200$
    and you can get a 300gig or more 7200rpm hdd for about the same price.

    i have friends with the 10000 rpm hdd,s and similar cpu,s gpu,s
    and memory as me except i have a 7200rpm hdd.

    no noticable difference in gaming or anything else.

    they are faster but its like overclocking, you wont see much if any diff
    in real world apps.
  4. I love the drives, speedy.. really fast booting... blah blah.

    Other then loading massive games, like the BF series you wont see much of a difference.

    However, I won't go back... they do get a little loud under full load.. but that shows you they are working.. and its not terrible. They hardly go insane except while loading.

    Compared to my old 5400 rpm cpu cooler.. they aren't so bad. Least I can hear things going on when they are running.
  5. when it comes to consumer desktop hdds, where raptors shine is in their seek times/access times... which makes the raptor a preferrable OS drive, resulting in a more responsive system, being able to find all those small files faster, compared to any other 7200rpm hdds (8ms average for a raptor, 16ms average for a 7200rpm)... a raptors throughput performance is roughly identical to any other current 7200rpm consumer hdd, but at a much higher cost per gigabyte (eg, 36GB raptor & 320GB 7200.10, both are ~$100 each, though the 36 GB may be somewhat less expensive than that now, if you can find it)

    so, if youre wanting a balanced price/performance/capacity drive, i would go for the 7200.10... but if cost doesnt matter so much for the faster seek times, similar transfer rates, and smaller capacity, i would go for the raptor
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