water cooling help.

i just brought a watercooling kit and i have a question.

Say you have installed the cpu block,radiator,pump,res and connected all the pipes.And now its time to fill the system with water,how would you go about this.

..Turn the pc on as per normal and add fluid to the res untill the system is completly full?Would the few seconds mabey a minute of having no water to the cpu block cause dammage?

Or do you have to prime/fill the system by powering the pump manualy with the pc shutdown?

thanks. 8O
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  1. fill with water before powering up the system;
    - fill the reservoir
    - hotwire the psu, with the hard drive and pump attached, so the pump starts to fill the tubes
    - keep adding water to the loop until the system has the right amount of water.
    - leave it turned on for a few hours, to check for leaks.
    - turn of your system.
    - connect everything
    - close everything
    - done

    use hi-quality fluids (non conductive)
  2. thanks for your reply,couple of questions though...

    How do i hot wire the psu?

    Once hot wired,connect the pump.......AND the hard drive????what would i gain from having the HDD powered when the mb,cpu,other things are not going?

    forgive me im nub.

    *EDIT* : if hot wiring the psu is to dificult(hopefully not)could i just use a 12volt car battery?
  3. Okay you don't need the pc running at this point. You can cause damage when you run the pc without the cpu water block fully working. There's an easy way.

    You can turn on the power supply by itself. You can hot wire the PSU by connecting the green and any of the black on the mother power connector. Then plug just the pump and then plug and power up the PSU and it should be running. Fill it up and bleed the air out. Let it run for several hours to make sure there's no leakage on the loop.

    When everything is good to go then hook up everything and run some test.
  4. some PSU require to have something connected when they are turned on or they could get damaged; that's why i recommend hard drive; and the pump.
    in case the pump doesn't start immediatly, the PSU isn't damaged because the HD is still on it.

    To turn on an ATX power supply that isn't connected to a motherboard use a wire or paper clip to short the green wire (PS_ON) to any one of the black wires.
  5. thanks for the help. :D
  6. Always test the water stuff before hooking it all up. I believe the instructions say this. What I usually and others do is get everything close to being ready execpt water and then take all the stuff out and fill it up near the sink..
    I have used a 12 volt dc power pack to start them up, I used a 3 pin wire connecter from and old fan to hook up the power pack to the pumb.
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