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When I open Windows Explorer on my Windows 2000 Server computer, I am
presented with a white screen. There is no folder pane or content pane
displayed, just one large white space. My mouse pointer shows as busy.
However long I leave this I do not get any display until I click
either the view menu or the view toolbar button. As soon as this
action is performed I get both panes appear with content. If I then
double click on any of the icons e.g. C: drive, I get the same problem
until I click the view menu.

I have checked technet and found one article relating to this:;en-us;179875

but the resolution here does not fix my problem.

I have tried re-applying service pack 4 and reinstalling ie6 sp1 to no

Any ideas?

Andy Lawrence
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.general (More info?)

    I re-applied Service pack 4 again and now the issue seems to have
    cleared but performance is still slow.

    I guess there must be another issue in this box somewhere...

    Andy Lawrence
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