Homebuilt PC "injured" during move

Hey all,

I moved into my new house this weekend, and after I hooked up my homebuilt PC, it's giving me some random restarts that Windows isn't generating error reports for. I'm also unable to play some games that worked fine just prior to the move (they're hanging). I'm assuming that something was shaken loose inside the case during the trip across town, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to track down the culprit?

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  1. just open the case and reseat all the cables
    if this doest solve the problem, complete "unbuild it" and rebuild the system.
  2. What the first reply said. In worst case, something, somehow, hurt a component.
  3. Most likely culprits: video card ( remove and re-insert) or ram (less likely). You could check the cable to the HD, but video is likely problem.
  4. Try running a scan disk to make sure data wasn't corrupt during the move also.
  5. contrary to a couple other responses, the MOST likely culprit, and most likely from your symptoms, is a loose heatsink on your cpu. if it's come loose and isn't making full contact with your cpu you'll get exactly the symptoms you're talking about, especially the hanging during games. when the cpu heats up, as in gaming, if the heatsink has come loose it will completely freeze or crash during games.

    definately check that first, take the heatsink off, make sure all the clips and ties are secure, maybe even re-apply a bit of thermal paste, and re-secure it.

    give that a shot first before you start a full rebuild and pulling all your cables.

  6. Had something similar happen to my computer a while back. Turned out that a SATA cable was loose at the hard drive and vibration could break the connection. After the computuer died, no vibration, so it powered up again. Do what duthoy said and you'll most likely solve the problem. You might also check to see if a video card got loose or something, again reseating it.
  7. Quote:
    Try running a scan disk to make sure data wasn't corrupt during the move also.

    that's just a lil bit silly. i doubt he had the thing on and the hard drive spinning while he was moving
  8. What ever happens... just keep us informed Mr OP. I hate reading 1/2 a story, with no conclusion.
  9. I second checking your video card first and if that doesn't work check if the other components are seated properly. If all the components are secure and your computer still gives you problems then your new house is obviously haunted :tongue: . Good luck!
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