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i just built a new machine and after installing w98. i keep getting a conflict in the device manager under "other devices" it says "PCI system mangement bus". every time i uninstall it it comes right back as an unknown device with the same result. the machine seems to work ok other wise.

here's the set up
asus cusl2-c mobo
usr modem
ati video card, temporary until i can find a hercules 4500xt
turtle beach santa crus sound card.
1000mhz p3
256mb pc133 ram
wd 30gb 7200 rpm hard drive

thanks in advance
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  1. Have you tried to delete the conflicting devices and others related to your specific motherboard from Safe Mode?
    And then reinstall the drivers that came on the CD with your motherboard.

    P.S: Please, don’t buy a Hercules 4500, or read their site/forum first. You might know, just a question for me: is the Hercules 4500 only 2xAGP? I heard from my buddy who bought it, but the rumor is hardly true.
  2. i haven't tried that but i will. but when i delete it in normal mode it does and frankly i'm not sure where the driver's are?

    i also have an "unknown device" that keeps coming up. i thought at first it was my modem but i completely uninstalled it, including physically, but it still comes up.
    what ever this thing is it's not one of my cards. i have almost the exact same set-up in my own computer so i double checked everything against my own device manger and struck out. i don't have the same modem but i know it's not that but i do have a different mobo.

    as far as the 4500xt goes as far as i know its 4x and frankly i love the card. i had an initial problem but i simply downloaded the new drivers and it works great. i love rpg's (diablo 1 & 2, septerra core etc) & rts's(c&c, Warcraft) and also black & white and it works great. the games play fantastic.

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  3. Check your BIOS for any onboard device features of your M/B that you are not using, i.e. onboard sound, modem,...etc. Disable the device in BIOS if it is enabled and you are not using it. This is just a suggestion and I hope you find it, but if not disable the device in "Device Manager" and uncheck the little box that says it exist in your hardware then keep on truckin.

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  4. The Asus CUSL2-C 82815EP might have onboard only AC ' 97 Compliant 3D Audio (optional).
    If the Turtle Beach Santa Crus is working, that means that the AC ' 97 is already disabled and there’s nothing else onboard to disable.

    I’m in doubt if you’re happy with your recent gaming and overall performance. Otherwise you can try to leave your unknown device disabled. But I don’t think that everything is installed correctly and the motherboard doesn’t need that “PCI system management bus”. For me it looks like typical mistake of driver installation. Anyway, better double check.

    I think that your CD contains the driver for “PCI system management bus”. But better first to uninstall everything that on top: DirectX, video drivers.

    You can search for Intel Chipset Software installation Utility on <A HREF="" target="_new"> Intel site.</A>

    Restart after update. Intel's utility normally fixes the problem.
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