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Im having a problem with my belkin wireless router, im not very good with computers so im not sure if it is normal or not, anyway the problem is that the router is losing connection every 10 minutes or so which means simple things like msn messenger or online games disconnect and/or run slow,

Im not sure what kind of information to add here as like i said im not very computer literate but it is a Belkin ADSL modem with a wireless g router, it has two pc computers and a laptop using it (The two pc computers have a wireless belkin network card and the laptop is usin wifi ) however the two pcs seem to suffer the most,

The laptop and one of the pc computers are using norton (not too sure about the other pc) i recently turned norton off and it is running better but not by much,

all the computers are using windows xp and are all fairly new computers

Im sorry i couldnt add anymore information but if you tell me what is needed i will update it

Thanks in advance
Kaji :roll:
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  1. Well i'm afraid you have what is know as a Added Feature that come with Belkin products. I have not run across a BELKIN product that is worth any thing. Everyone I have worked on, have had dropped connections, lock-up, and No WAN connection. And one I had to blow the settings away in order to get control (login) of the router.

    My recomendation to you is take it back and get something good. Like a Netgear, Linksys, or Dlink. May take a look at the router chart.
  2. Ok Thanks for the help and advise on routers :)

    thanks a bunch!

    Kaji :D
  3. Sorry for the news with Belkin.

    Norton is a tremendous system hog. I no longer use it. Recommend moving to something else. But DO NOT let the subscrition expire. It breaks your system. Do a uninstall before that date. Other wise the only way to straighten it up is a clean install. Even renewing the subscription does not fix it's sluginess.

    Use one of the Free AV and Firewall, works with out using all of system resources.
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