Overclocking DS3 rev2 F9 Bios

Anybody have the exact settings of overclocking the Gigabyte P965-DS3

By that what i mean is detailed instructions on the BIOS settings under MIT.

I tried following the 1.1 guide for over clocking but i am trying to get my E6400 to 3.2GHZ and i have the Zalman 9500 heatsink.

I know the following

FSB: 400
MEM: 1:1 Ratio
MEM: +1 (my memory runs at 1.9V according to specs. I have the Corsair 2GB PC6400 5-5-5-12)

But i am wondering what about the voltage for the CPU,MCH, and ETC. How much should i put them at?

Thanks for any help or anybody that has a similar build at these speeds.
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  1. Hey I tried the ds3 f9 bios and found it to be an absolute pain.

    I originally run my c2d e6600 at 3.4 on the f7 bios and it was stable as a rock I moved to this and experienced constant "cold boot" issue and looped posting at the same settings.

    I quickly moved back to the f7 bios.

    Anandtech seem to have found more joy with this bios.

  2. Yea i forgot to mention that, i am reverting back to F7 because the slightest overclock is causing me unstability with F9. I am currently overclocked at 2.65 (8x333) and its not running as good as with the F7 bios.
  3. YOu can prolly push your vcore to 1.4 or 1.45 for a higher clock shouldnt be a problem, in my own expereince messing with mch and nb doesnt make much difference.
  4. I dont know why everyone seems to want to upgrade their BIOS as soon as a new one comes out, and even less when it is a beta. Still...

    I use the F7 and have done since the start, it runs my E6600 at 400FSB, 8x multiplier (3.2GHz) at only 1.325 Volts. Pumping the CPU voltage is imo mostly unnecessary. Freezer 7 Pro cooler.

    My RAM is OCZ DDR2 800 Golden eXtreme at +0.2V increase to run stock 2V. 400FSB 2x multiplier.

    My chipset has all the extra useless features disabled as described in the official thread here but the chipset voltage increased by 0.1V.

    Since you already have your FSB set correctly, and your RAM running at stock voltage, I think if you're having stability issues you need to just drop the multiplier. It's the downside to overclocking in this fashion, the jumps of 400MHz are large. But the bonus to memory and chipset speed is increased (tested with sandra i get 800 points higher in mem bandwdth tests running a higher FSB but both at 800 DDR2 stock).
  5. I'd love to stick with the F7, the F8/F9 Bios were horrible. But I have an issue with my X-fi card sometimes not being recognized booting into Windows, so I have to keep trying new bios's to see if its fixed.
  6. Tom's Hardware Guide will have specific overclocking instructions in its Overclocking Guide Part 3. Following it's normal publishing schedule, we should expect that article within the next few business days.
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