Another noob DIY build... need some advice

Case -> Antec P180 - $105
PS -> Antec True Power 550W - $80.99
MB -> MSI P965 Platinum - $134
CPU -> Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 - $318
RAM -> Patriot 2GB (2x1GB) DDR2 800 - $220.99
HDD -> 2x WE 250GB SATA - $74.99 each
Video -> SAPPHIRE X1900GT 256MB - $164.99

roughly $1172

I'm gonna get a SATA DVD writer also, just haven't found one yet.

I'm also planning on replacing the video card next year with a DX10 card.

I'm concerned about the mother board choice. I have a lil more money in my budget, is the MSI P965 a good choice?

Thanks in advance for the input!
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  1. I've heard some not too stellar things about the MSI p965's set up. Any other suggestions on a mid-range priced mobo?
  2. anything bad? good? ugly??
  3. gigabyte s3 or the ds3
  4. Good choice on the ram, I have that same ram and I was easily able to overclock it from 800 to about 950 without a problem.
  5. May I suggest getting a DVD burner and possibly a media card reader?

    The Gigabyte S3 and DS3 have been getting good reviews. I should have opted for that instead of my vanilla P5B - but for now it does what I need it to do.

    BTW - you will love the case - consider the black version.

  6. x1950 pro instead of the x1900gt if you can afford it.

    And I heard GOOD things about the MSI P965 Platinum :/
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