Diskeeper 2007 premium, cause computer to be buggy?

Hi, i got a recommendation to use this software on another thread that i posted yesterday. The program seems to be good, i think, it could be my error but not sure.

Here is the problem, everytime i go to the start menu and go to programs, the hdd led is led steady for a while and i can't do anything and have to wait, and then when the program list comes on, the same problem happenes again if i try to go to accessories, other folders in the start menu seem to work fine and load up quickly without delay. I never had this until i installed Diskeeper 2007 premium and used it. The problem only started today, and could of started yesterday, but in no way that it started before yesterday. i'm not sure what happened, hopefully someone in here experienced the same thing and could help me 8) .

I tried uninstalling Diskeeper, still didn't fix the problem. I have two windows xp installed on this very same system, and when i visit the other window, this doesn't happen, it only happenes on the windows that i installed it on.

thank you all in advance.
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  1. -try defragmenting wit the Diskeeper program
  2. after i experienced that problem, i actually did that, i defragmented all the partations and still no difference.
  3. If possible, try uninstalling and replacing it with O&O Defrag. I used Diskeeper for years, but recently it's gone downhill, imo.
  4. ever try diskeepr LITE ?
  5. I've tried Diskeeper 2007 Pro Premier - after defragging my computer wouldn't even boot up - I just saw a message saying that my registry is corrupted. I had a ghost image so I restored my system and used Diskeeper 2006. Defragged and everything just fine. Decided to give Diskeeper 2007 a try again. The second defrag corrupted something else on my computer - so IMHO I think there's something weird with Diskeeper 2007.

    Just my two cents.
  6. Diskeeper Lite IS the native defragger in XP.
  7. what you mean by that? are you saying the other editions are not made spefically for windows xp?
  8. Okay, i downloaded it, installed it, and now i'm doing defragmentation by "COMPLETE/Name", its going to take a while, but is that what you had in mind? should i defrag with that method? thank you.
  9. The defragger that is part of XP's Tools, (which you find by right-clicking your "C" drive - Properties - Tools)

    IS Diskeeper Lite.
  10. after i did a defragmentation on all the partions, using the "COMPLETE/Name" method, still the same problem. Have any ideas that i can do with O&O defrag.
  11. I don't think if i defrag with diskeeper 2006 that it would restore the system to its orginal state. probably not. it looks like i'm going to have to install windows again but using the "repair" option in the setup.
  12. Quote:
    after i did a defragmentation on all the partions, using the "COMPLETE/Name" method, still the same problem. Have any ideas that i can do with O&O defrag.

    I usually use "Space", but I think that's unlikely to be your problem. You said earlier that the issue remained when you uninstalled Diskeeper. Perhaps the problem isn't directly related to defragmentation, even though the installation of Diskeeper may have triggered it. What it could be is hard to tell, tried looking at the Task Manager Processes while opening the Start menu?
  13. well, i did that i looked at the Task Manager Processing, didn't see any that took alot of cpu load or memory usuage.

    But good news, i think. what i did is this:

    1. restarted computer
    2. booted into the windows xp installion
    3. choose to do a repair, which bought me into DOS
    4. asked me which operation system i wanted to repair, choose the one that had the problem with.
    5. i used chkdsk to see if there is any problems it said no.
    6. i used chkdsk with /p parameter and it said that the disk had some errors.
    7. used chkdsk with /r parameter, after it was done i typed exit, rebooted the system
    8. i click on the start menu, the problem was gone. thank god.

    i'm happy for now, hopefully that fixed the problem. but that gave me a very good warning about Diskeeper. doesn't look like i'm going to use that program ever again. I would recommend that anyone who uses it, use it with caution.

    Now on the other hand, i hope O&O defrag doesn't do this kind of mess, hopefully not. thank you all for your replies and help.
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