IDE to SATA adapter = junk

I ordered a couple adapters to free up an IDE controller and reuse my CD and DVD drives as SATA.

After many hours of trying to figure out why my newly built computer would lag, continually loop during bootup, and very nearly cause a whole system rebuild after only 2 weeks, I remember I installed these 2 adapters. The only thing it's good for is letting the motherboard recognize the drives on the SATA controllers. God forbid you try to actually run a disc in the drive.

So if anyone's thinking about using the adapter as an upgrade option...don't.

happy new year.
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  1. yah, sound about right

    the adapters are SH1T for optical storage devices, they onyl work for HDD's. Having said that, i cant remeber whihc but there was 1 brand that did work with optical drives. There were limitations tho -

    -could not install windows with that drive
    -cannot be connected to the 1st sata port on mobo
    -cant be accessed properly in dos
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