Scythe Ninja Plus vs Thermalright Ultra-120

Im looking for a cpu cooler and i am thinking of these two : Scythe Ninja Plus and Thermalright Ultra-120. Which one is better?
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  1. I'd go with Ultra 120, using push-pull two fan setup, it is a very good cooler.
  2. Push-pull two fan setup... u mean putting two fan opposite each other? doesnt that affect the airflow of the case and make the pc noiser?
  3. No it will not affect the airflow inside the case. You point them fans towards the back, that way the warm air gets exhausted out through the back fan. Also with 2 fans for push-pull you can use low rpm low noise fans. That's the beauty of using push-pull for it gives better airflow and allows using two low rpm fans.
  4. Actually, due to fin density, theyre quite different coolers. Ultra-120 will definetly outperform and benefit a lot from high CFM fans, but if youre looking for silent over performance the Ninja will be a better choice.
  5. You can mount a 120mm fan on any side of the Scythe Ninja...
  6. Quote:
    You can mount a 120mm fan on any side of the Scythe Ninja...
    And your point is..? <_< >_>
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