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Im using a P5B-E with a e6400 @ 2880. PC probe would stay the same as TAT. lately PC probe is reading way off. Even Everest is showing funny temps. Im using a zalman CNPS9500 cooler. Everest is showing my cpu temp at 22C but then showing core 1 @36C and core 2 @35C. Mobo temp is at 29C. speed fan doesnt show me cpu temp any more have to figure that one out. Any ideas as what it could be.
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  1. Hmm....

    I would try using

    I'm not experienced with everest, but I know that the Conroe has 3 temperature sensors built in, so this could be how it gets the third temperature. (22C)

    Frankly, these temperatures aren't very high, so I wouldn't worry all that much.

    Best of luck.
  2. core temp is showing the same as everest and speed fan at 36 and 35. was just trying to find out where the real low temp was coming from. in speedfan im also getting a new wierd temp. it says aux and the temp is 127C
  3. I would suspect that since everest and coretemp got the same temperatures, they are probably right. I'm kind of wary of speedfan, since it seems to keep getting different readings. As for the 127C, I wouldn't worry too much about it; nothing in you computer should get that hot! (Unless you pulled off a heatsink or something!) Some programs, if they can't find a value, will make up one. (Sandra once told me that my 12V power was running at 1.1V)

    As for the 22C, I suspect that that may be the temperature elsewhere in the case- 22C=>71F=> About Room Temperature

    Best of Luck
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