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I am new to Intel overclocking, have been in the AMD relm for about 4 years. Is it a problem to use 4 sticks of ram vs. 2 like it is with AMDs. I know that with the 939 socket it wouldn't run as fast with 4 sticks as with 2. Is it the same for Intel? Currently only running 2 1gig sticks of Corsair ddr800 but was thinking in the near future after vista of running 4gigs. Will it reduce speed or overclocking ability? Any advice would be appreciated.

C2D E6400
Evga 680I SLI
2x 1gig Corsair XMS ddr2 6400
XFX 8800 GTS
SeaSonic S12 PSU
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  1. If you have the Evga 680i like I do, it doesn't really matter?

    You can run the memory independent of the CPU FSB like I do.
  2. That's what I needed to know, thanks.
  3. try these settings, fsb 375 (start) - 425+, Vcore 1.37+ true, with asus boards you need 1.4-1.45v not sure with 680i. The NB or mch voltage is 1.55 i think - 2nd last highest. Good ran 2.15 v on 650i.

    u need more Vcore volts most likely over 380fsb
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