Thunderbolt bottleneck?

With more and more thunderbolt laptop out, it would be nice to see if thunderbolt is a viable alternative interface for eGPU connection (expresscard and miniPCIe are just too slow).

Get a hold on this:

Test GPU performance through adapter vs on PCIe, on thunderbolt equiped mobo on desktop.

Start from card like low end 6670 then progress up to maybe 7850 or equivalent nVidia card. 7870 and above draws too much power, the PSU comes with it will not handle it. Maybe open the case and connect the card to another PSU for card that needs more power.

Also test if OC is possible through thunderbolt interface, test driver compatibility, possible CF/SLI (I doubt it will work at all since thunderbolt is not exactly on the PCIe lane. It would be interesting to have laptop GPU able to CF/SLI with desktop GPU through thunderbolt in the future), temp, noise etc...
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  1. I'm sure there are bottlenecks, unless thunderbolt is THAT fast! Is it faster than pcie 2.0/3.0?
  2. I'd like to see that kind of review as well.

    Thunderbolt is pretty fast. Somewhere between PCIe 2.0 and PCIe 3.0 in raw bandwidth.
  3. Yes, my suggestion was accepted:,3263.html

    But no..... the TB bubble burst!!!
    Turns out TB is not good enough and will still bottleneck fast GPU :(
  4. Too pricey...
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