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Hey, I'm building a new gaming PC and i plan on putting it up in my room. Unfortunately I don't have a jack in my room to plug my comp into so i need a wireless card. I really don;t know much about wireless cards so if anyone could recommend a good one I'd appreciate it.
I plan on using the PC for online MMO's so having a great card to give me stable internet access is a must.
SO if anyone knows a great card let me know, I really appreciate the help all.
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  1. Not much to know. Get the brand that matches your wireless router (or access point). They often play better together. Remember you'll have connection problems when a 2.8Mhz cordless phone is in use.
  2. Personally I've always used D-Link PCI card/USB, with DLink ADSL Modem routers and not had any problems.
  3. Linksys is owned by Cisco now. I like having that name on my networking products.

    (Except the perimeter router/AP. It's an early Linksys w/ DD-WRT firmwarez but that's a whole `nother thread. :) )
  4. I like that a lot of Linksys products have other firmware options available...Something to consider :)
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