access network pcs while using two connections

i have two internet connection
one is cable and other is ADSL
both are connected through router to 16 port switch
when using one connection say Cable.
i cant access pc which have ADSL connection.
is it possible to access all pcs with different connections.
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  1. I take it your router has 2 wan ports, one for the cable connection the other for the adsl connection?
    Or are the connections directly into the computers from the modems?
  2. i have one modem for cable connection and then SMC router to the cable connection

    and a modem cum router to the ADSL connection

    --cable connection------010---Modem--101----SMC Router-----|-- PC1
    ```````````````````````````````````````````````|-- PC2
    ```````````````````````````````````````````````|-- PC3
    ```````````````````````````````````````````````|-- PC4
    --ADSL connection----010-Modem cum Router------------------ |-- PC5

    if i connect pc1 to cable connection then i cant access pc2,3,4,5
    which r connnected to ADSL connection.
    Is there any solution for this
  3. You need to move up to a 2 port WAN router. One that comes to mind is the Netgeag FVS538, supports load ballancing too. Will auto roll to the other if a connection goes down.

    With your current setup you will need to setup a DNS server. Having seperate subnets they are not seeing each other.
  4. I agree with blue. The routers are on different subnets which will have different gateways. Computers must be on the same subnet to see each other without first going through a router.
    If you only want certain computers going to the adsl line and certain ones going to the cable try this:
    Turn off dhcp on both routers. Most routers will use the 192.168.x.1 address for the gateway. Set the other router to a x.x.x.2 gateway. On the computers use static ip addresses and manually assign the gateway address for the corresponding router you want to use.

    I did this off the top of my head. Never done it before in real life. If you do try this please let me know if it works.
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