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Hey guys,

I am adding a new HD to my computer, Asus K8N-E Deluxe. I just purchased a SATA HD, Seagate 320gb. My computer currently has a SCSI HD running it for storage. I was wondering if I can have both the SCSI and SATA HD's running at the same time. I have slots for both connections. Just want to make sure that there will be no compatability issues. Thank for the help.
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  1. Well,

    I'm assuming that your SCSI controller card is a PCI-X interface card. Which mean the 160 or 320 drive you have is limited to PCI 2.0 specs. The answer is yes, each technology can exists on it's own in the same environment, but you SCSI drive will under perform in terms of bus limitations compared to your SATA Drive.
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