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Do i need to go out and buy a floppy disk and get the thing from the mobo cd and put it on a floppy to make the sata 3gb/s to be able to install windows?
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  1. As far as I have been able to work out, that is exactly what you may need to do depending on your motherboard.

    I have the motherboard listed below and it can run SATA drives in IDE mode for compatibility but it does not work as fast as it should.

    When installing windows I had to create the SATA driver disk to be able to run the drive in AHCI (I think, can't remember the proper name) mode.
  2. for many MBs you can boot on a flashdrive with a floppy emulator program
  3. For XP generally you have to, but for Vista you can use a flash drive or the mobo cd/dvd and on newer Linux ditributions you don't need to do anything special to install on a sata.

  4. Quote:
    Do i need to go out and buy a floppy disk and get the thing from the mobo cd and put it on a floppy to make the sata 3gb/s to be able to install windows?

    Start by posting what motherboard you are using. (i.e. How old is your system and its BIOS?) Is your SATA drive recognized by your motherboard's BIOS? If it is then, unless you are attempting to use some form of RAID, you should not need to go the floppy route.

    Are you trying to install Windows XP? If so, does the install CD have SP2 already integrated into it? (If not, you probably want to create a Windows XP install CD that includes SP2).

  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16813131040 That is the mobo i am gonna use I didnt install it completely yet so i dont know if it recognizes it or not yet and I am not going to use some form of RAID also installing windows xp SP 2 not 1 :)
  6. Quote:

    Well, I have no direct experience with that mobo, so of course I don't really know. But I also don't see any reason to expect that you would have problems installing Windows XP to a SATA drive with that board.

    I looked at the manual for this mobo and the only warning I saw about SATA was on page 1-24 where it warns to install Windows XP Service Pack 1 before using SATA. Since you are installing with XP SP2 you should be fine. Just make sure the BIOS recognizes the SATA drive and that the BIOS is set to access the drive in IDE mode (or whatever) not RAID.

    Page 3-9 talks about creating a RAID Driver Disk, but you said you are not using RAID so that should not apply.

    Seems like you'll just have to try it and see how it goes. (Not sure why you seem to expect problems. :?)

  7. Yup. You gotta get a floppy disc. There must be one lying around the house, or a friends house somewhere. You're mobo came with a floppy ide cable so you should be covered in that aspect. Best thing I can think of is borrowing one, heck if you live in calgary i'll lend you mine. Best of luck on your journeys.
  8. No, Eric. If he disables RAID, the SATA drivers won't be necessary, as zjohnr pointed out.
  9. Ahh, thanks for the info. Will take note. Was recalling from when i set up my rig a few years ago. Suffice to say it was my first and only built thus far. I'll research what i say next time rather than go from what i think worked a few years ago in the heat of the exitement of building a new comp.
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