annoying process explained... please try 2 help me

Hi let me start off by giving my specs:

PC1: Dell Dimension 8200
P4 2.0 ghz
256 rd ram
64 mb geforce 3
installed ethernet card
cable modem (road runner)
30 gb hard drive

PC2: Dell Inpiron 8500 notebook

OS: WinXP home
p4 2.2 ghz processor
512 mb ddr ram
internal ethernet card
external plug in wireless network card
30 gb hard drive

Router- COMP USA branded wireless router

Ok now the processes I went through. On PC1 I had installed the network card and its drivers manually. All is well with that. i connected a cat 5 cable from PC1 to the router in port 1. Then I plugged another cat 5 cable from the cable modem to the router in the WAN port. Then i plugged another cat 5 cable from my laptop(PC2) to the router in port 2. I ran the network wizards on both machines. everything went through well it said. But when I went to network places on both PC's, nothing. I played around with the settings for a while and finally made some progress. The computers could share files. So Now, they shared the files, so i tried with the internet connection, and turned on ICS on PC1. That should have made the computers share, but not PC1.... its selfish >:(

Let me explain about the modem a little. It is an external RCA USB compatible router. It has a cat 5 connection port on the back as welll. So now i have the usb running from the cable modem to PC1. That makes the internet work, if I unplug the USB the internet stops working. So let me just explain again, pc1 is conected to the router through cat 5, pc 1 is also connected to the internet using USB direct to modem. Router connects to PC2 from cat 5 and so on.
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  1. 1) a router is designed to share a connection, soo ICS is not required in the setup, that is the routers job.

    2) the RCA cable modem was not intended to use both USB and Cat5 ports at the same time, it was designed for one or the other.

    Your setup should be as follows

    PC1 cat 5 to router
    PC2 cat 5 to router
    router cat 5 to RCA
    RCA BNC/Coax to wall
    USB **NOT USED**

    There are reported issues with using both ports on the RCA modem, ranging from no connectivity to modem burnout. If you cannot connect with both systems through the router, then the issue is with either the router or your NIC drivers. Another way to discover, look for the PC Link light on the modem, if it flashes ... thats good. If it doesn't flash when you have just the Cat 5 connected, then you may have a bad cable, router, or modem.

    Your Friendly Neibourhood Road Runner Technician
  2. one thing i neglected to note, the PC Link light on the modem will either flash or be solid. Its bad if its out completly, but flashing or solid are both good.
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