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No operating System

i have a computer which i used webroots windows washer to erase the hard drive completely and it removed everything even the operating system. now wen i start the computer it goes to the black screen and says no operating system. I tried to use a Windows Xp installation disc but for some reason i cant boot it unless i get into the computer and into the desktop and start it from there in my computer. Can somebody help me or tell me how to fix this problem and install an operating system onto my current hard drive and reboot my computer using the xp disc. thank you
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  1. This link should help you:

    I imagine your problem is actually that your BIOS is not set to boot from the CD-ROM. Go into your BIOS settings and make sure that it's configured correctly.
  2. go into your bios (usuallly "del") and set boot priority, make sure your dvd/cd drive is 1st.
  3. Shwahhht? Sounds like he formatted and wonders why there's no windows on his comp! Maybe I just can't read. But anyway, set the Bios boot order to CD-Rom in the first spot. If your comp is doesnt recognize your sata HD make sure you enable the sata ports in the bios as well. If I remember correctly, theres a floppy disc that has some sata/raid drivers on it that you'll likely need to actually get windows installed. Best of luck.
  4. Don't need drivers if you disable RAID in the BIOS. The SATA drive will be picked up as if it were an IDE.
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