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Can anyone fill me in about the new usb u3 smart drives? I know that the drive has a modified o/s and programs can be run from it on a "borrowed" pc. Is there a charge for programs downloaded from and if so how much do they cost? Also, can you copy your own applications to the drive from your own pc and run them from the drive; i.e. a program you bought for your pc and run on your pc, or are you limited only to the special programs available from The drive sounds like something I could use, but the limitations, if any, are a real concern to me. Thanks for any advice you can provide.
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  1. tbh it's pretty is still very busy plus it takes longer to get into than a normal usb stick..i got rid of it off mine and it performs flawlessly now.
    Programs are not so great..the majority of them (90%) have to be paid for and are not worth it in my case..however I suppose something that was doing a lot of travelling and wanted access to their email etc might fine it handy
  2. when you uninstall it, for some reason trying to access the card on my home PC the program gives me the BSOD and crashes my comp, but at school I can start it up and all. The hidden SYSTEM folder that is on the drive can I delete that to completely remove it? cause the file that it uses to get rid of it only works if your the administrator. Since we log in at school can't use it..
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