Can no longer resume from hibernate! Please help!

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I have a ECS 648FXA mobo running WinXP SP2.
The video card is a Radeon 9550

Appx 6 months ago, the system would no longer resume from hibernation.
I was using hibernation routinely to quickly shut down / start up.

At some point this no longer worked: It seems to go into hibernation
normally, but when it is restarted it locks up with strange video.

Progression during start up after hibernation:
- Normal BIOS boot screen is shown as normal
- I see the WinXP start up progress bar
- blank screen
- (this is where it stalls) a messed up screen that is initial BIOS screen, but has static vertical bars running across the screen

(see image link below)

The system is locked up and only power down or reset will allow the system to restart.

When WinXP restarts is reports a critical error.

I have tried the following:
- fresh install of WinXP (full legal version BTW)
- set fail safe BIOS settings and everything in between

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Also, unless I hibernate, I have no problems with this system, very stable.

thanks in advance.

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  1. See if there is a Bios upgrade resolving the matter.
  2. IMO hibernate's issues have always outweighed its benefits... just turn your PC off.
  3. Some people are going to hate me for this, but i say using hibernate at all is ASKING for issues. 8O In the past i have seen this cause more issues than not waiting 10 more seconds for boot is worth.

    for instance pre sp1 Unmountable boot volume.

    and if you have a laptop and use a dock you have to reboot anyway.

    On my system the difference is literally 9 seconds difference, plus you get the benefits for a real reboot.

    If it is a must, I agree and say Bios flash.
  4. Many thanks for the thoughtful replies.

    I do not disagree about the benefits of a reboot, but it worked
    like a charm for months and was VERY convenient.

    It just bugs me I cannot identify the root cause.

    Anybody think it could be the video card or MOBO?

    By the way, I have already tried the firmware route and
    no luck.

    thanks again
  5. Usually problems with hibernation come from sound card and video cards. A simple driver update may resolve the problem.
    Also test if there is a particular program that affects the waking up from hibernation. An update to the program may resolve the issue.
    Do a search in Google with the name of your hardware and the word "hibernate" to see if anybody else has problems.
  6. Quote:
    When WinXP restarts is reports a critical error

    What's the error?
  7. First of all, I, like a lot of people, have found "hibernate" to be more trouble than its worth. The critical error, though, may indicate something wrong with some hardware, like the motherboard or even the hard disc.

    What really makes me wonder is the "strange video" that you get. That sounds like you have a virus of some type. It may be hiding very well, so that a fresh windows install doesn't get rid of it. If that's the case, you may need to format the hard disc completely and start from scratch.

    Just some ideas.
  8. Possibly a virus issue, but I doubt the image in the OP's first post is virus related. It definitely looks hardware related. There could be more than one problem.

    I also agree that hibernation, sleep mode, whatever you want to call it, is worthless. At least the Windows version of it.
  9. Yeah, that image does look like its either a video card problem or something in the motherboard. Perhaps that is what the OP meant when he stated there was a strange video, which made me think of a virus.
  10. Thanks again for all the ideas!

    I tend to think it may be the video card (but no issues if I do not hibernate)

    As to the virus issue, I doubt it because the new install of a legal version of WinXP SP2 was performed on a brand new HD. The first thing I tested after reinstall was the hibernate issue. And exactly the same problem. Nothing else was installed and it was not connected to the internet.

    If your are interested the "strange video" can be seen via the link in the orginal post.

    The error I get is immediatly after restarting after the lock-up is a "serious error has occurred"

    See link for reference if you are interested.

    Error screen from windows xp
  11. Ok, now I understand what the words "strange video" meant, so there shouldn't be any virus trouble. That leaves the video card as the most likely suspect, followed by the motherboard. If you can, try a different video card and see if the same thing happens with the different card. If things clear up, then the card is the fault. If the saem thing continues, that would point to the motherboard.
  12. its the video card or power supply, the power supply might not be turning
    own certain voltage during the wake up period, that affect the video card.
    that screen shot, looks like my video card does when one of the pins are
    push back into the connector. so check that too.
  13. When you send the report, what does Microsoft tell you what they think the problem is?

    I doubt it's heat issue, but when was the last time you blew out the fan or heatsink on the video card?
  14. I have sent in reports before, but I never get a response, do they actually respond?

    I can send it in and see what happens.

    In my earlier post, I mentioned I reinstalled XP to see if it fixed the problem (new drive, new install from legit CDs). At that time I cleaned out the case (I do this about every 2 ~ 3 months using low pressure with my air compressor).

    Even without the cleaning, when I tested hibernate after the re-install the machine was cold and did not have time to overheat, still had the problem.

    thanks for the post
  15. They don't actually reply back to ( :lol: Microsoft reply to their customers) but if it's a problem they've run into before, there's usually a link on the last window that pops up after you've sent the report. A lot of times it's just a generic response, but sometimes it can be device or software specific.

    This sounds similar to an issue I dealt with regarding a co-worker's older HP. She never shut the machine down, always put it in sleep/hibernation. Sometimes for weeks at a time. Once in awhile it would resume and she'd get POST error beeps which I looked up to be dealing with video. I told her to just shut the system down and don't use the sleep/hibernation feature and she didn't have any further problems. However, before she brought the issue up to me, she contacted HP about it. Their answer...static build-up in the power supply.
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