CD Burn Software? Any recommendations?

Just wonderin' if anyone prefers any particular software to use for burning CDs on Windows 7 Ultimate =P
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  1. roxio
  2. Nero 10 - Used Nero for many years, and it's well worth the money.
  3. That's good to hear that Nero is good because I am about to bail on Roxio Creator. I've been using Roxio's products for years and stopped buying it after Easy Media Creator 8 (EMC8) because new editions were unable to open recording projects I had saved in an earlier version of the product. I've always got some unfinished recording projects as I wait to buy missing songs for them. (I'm working with dmsa files in EMC8's Music Disc Creator and Roxio Creator 2011's Music Disc Creator.)

    But as I transition from Windows XP to Windows 7 I had to upgrade to Roxio Creator 2011 because my EMC8 cannot run in Windows 7 -- so says Roxio and everybody else who knows.

    But Roxio Creator 2011 turns out to be incompatible with project files created in previous versions -- including my EMC8. It escapes me how Roxio could do this to customers -- every other vendor I deal with has long been able to import files created in an earlier version and convert them to use in the newest version (Quicken, Quickbooks, FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Office, every word processor I've ever seen, Corel Ventura Publisher, etc.). This doesn't require a massive expenditure of funds or incredible technical expertise.

    But Roxio's decision makers consistently refuse to include this ability. I've posted on the Roxio forums and have discovered that I'm not the only user in this situation. Roxio's tech support first insisted that my installation was bad and had me uninstall (of course Roxio's uninstall routine leaves portions of the program in place which I had to uninstall manually) and reinstall. When that didn't work, tech support conceded that the 2011 application was not backwards compatible. They just said to recreate my projects in Roxio 2011. Naturally most users can't do that because they will not have kept their Windows XP installations when they upgrade to Windows 7 (I set up a dual boot to play it very safe).

    So it's good to see that at least one person has something nice to say about Nero. Can I assume that recording projects created in an earlier version are compatible with the latest version of Nero?
  4. You can try this site if you're looking for cd burning software..

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