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Hi Toms

I would love to see SSD's actually tested for reliability.

Some time ago there was a test of a AMD system versus intel system with live webcam. And I found it both entertaining and interesting to see the faults that developed over time. However hardly conclusive, if one where looking for which system is best. And that might be a problem with my suggestion.

My suggestion is to do the same with SSD's. Test them to destruction with constant abuse 24-7 until they die. A live feed to see the test would be great.

Take a sample size. Perhaps 2-3 of each drive representing popular brands and types. Run the test until they die and let us watch the progress of the drives live.

Just a geeky idea that crossed my mind. :p
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  1. They've been doing Write endurance tests on SSDs at Xtreme Systems Forum for a year now. The thread is 187 pages long now, so it's a long read. :)
  2. Thanks :). Thats exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.
  3. U can find the result at the first post at link above, it quite amazing ...... (They more realible than i tought it will)

    anyway mark as [solved].........
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