ATI Radeon x1650 pro AGP help

I dont know if this is the place to put this but oh well.
I just recently bought myself a ati radeon x1650 pro AGP8X with 512mb of ram, i installed it into my computer installed the drivers and tried to test it with a game (Farcry) and it ran worse than my old Radeon 9250! even a simple game like freelancer it lags to hell!!!! Is there any known problems with this card or something that could be restricting the power of the card?
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  1. yeah i have the ice cooling system on the card itself so it wouldnt let me run the thing without it
  2. PSU? sorry not that good with little computer components.

    As for everything else i have a ASROCK Conroe865PE with a Celeron D 3.06ghz processor and at the moment only 768mb of ram.

    just found out what that means. I have a 400watt supply system.
    I mean the card works but i dont think it works properly for some reason because my old 9250 can out do it
  3. thats a point it does keep on shutting down randomly hang on i have to turn off my comp to check this b back in a second.
  4. k got it!
    next to the +12v it has 17A and next to the +5v thing it has 40A


    so if i bought that would it be enough to run it....
  5. ah ok cool i will check it out...
    i can only pay via paypal though
  6. and i live in aus so i cant really get that from that site.
  7. cool thanks alot! i hope it works! do you know anything about ram and motherboards?
  8. well i bought two one gb chips of pc3200 ddr for my motherboard but i install them and the computer turns on but the screens dont work at all...
  9. k here i go

    CPU : Celeron D 3.06ghz
    Motherboard : ASROCK Conroe865Pe
    the power supply you already know about

    the ram i am trying to install is PC3200 1gb DDR c6c2 x2 chips

    i think thats about it
  10. yeah already tried that. still didnt work
  11. brand new supposably. someone said my motherboard didnt support high frequency but then another person said it did...
    so that will do the 18A stuff?
  12. awesome ill go ahead and get one then. ty
  13. Where abouts in aus do you live?
  14. Launceston Tasmania
  15. a defective ram stick. I had that. The computer would power up, with all fans spinning, but that's it, no POSTing, no booting.
  16. this is the second time it has happened though. with different sticks and different sellers... weird.... even more weird the first stick was supposed to be a one gig chip but i put it in another computer and it only read it as a 512mb chip.... course i think that was the motherboard being crappy at that stage but yeah so it wasnt the ram its the motherboard or something to do with it....
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