wireless printer server question (...err, maybe not)

Hi, thank you for reading. I have in the past set up networked machines -- that is, a network around a *wired* router for several desktops.

Now, I'm wondering if I can do the following for a family member.
The question is whether a network as described below can share a printer..

(1) Dell Desktop PC, connected to DSL through a wireless router. A printer is also hooked up to this PC.

(2) In a different room, a Dell laptop receives the internet from that wireless router's broadcast.

Parts (1) and (2) are accomplished and all is good.

(3) Can a network be made for (1) and (2) via the usual Win XP network wizard?
(4) Can the printer at the desktop be used by the laptop over this network?
(5) Can this be done without purchasing a 'printer server' hardware?

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  1. This is do-able.

    You will need to tune on File and printer sharing on both pc if you want to move files both ways. Other wise just the pc with the printer.

    Once file an print sharing is turned on. From the printer Control panel, select the printer and make it sharable. I recomend renaming the Printer so something short with NO Spaces in the the name.

    Then go to the other pc and select add a printer, select Network or shared printer. Run the wizzard. Also make a note of the printer IP address. Some times it is easier to use the IP address if the wizzared does not see the printer.
  2. The only thing to remember with this setup is that the desktop PC has to be running for the laptop to be able to print.
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