Real gameplay comparisons between: 7600GS, 7800GS, X1950PRO?

Hello, new here obviously. Basically saterday night/sunday morning my good ol Radeon 9800 PRO basically died. Got those vertical lines all over the place, researched it and it seems the most likly candidate was it got overheated and fried itself. Had it for about three and a half years, never had any heat problems prior; and I was pretty good about keeping everything clean; although i never onced pulled out the card and cleaned the dust in the fan on it directly, although it didn't look bad when I did pull it out.

Anyway I have between 150-250$ to spend, im a college student so my situation would not best be described as loaded. This site has been by far the most helpfull out of the ones I have gone to for research, and iv seen all the benchmarks the fps graphs and so on but im looking for people who have tried two or maybe even all three of the cards(7600GS, 7800GS, X1950PRO AGP versions though) for their opinion on effects in gameplay. I mean when i see the X1950 has 60 FPS and the 7800GS only has 49 FPS for game XYZ, thats great; but it doesn't seem like something that would be super noticable. And of course I know that as never games come out the difference between the cards would become even more apparent.

I havn't done any major price searching yet, but between amazon and newegg the 512Meg 7600GS about 130, 256meg 7800GS for 199 and the 1950pro for 239.

I did read the january best for the money thing, and I was surprised that the 7800GS wasn't on there since it got praise for a lot of websites.

Thanks for your opinions and advice.

Edit, one other thing. What brands should I be looking for? Every time would read BFG is the best version of the geforce, another website would sing praises for evga, but they don't seem to base it on anything, they just compare it to other cards and not other makers of the same card.

And yes I know, AGP is done for; but upgrading everything right now just isn't part of the budget.
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  1. I am also looking for this same information but for the PCIe versions of 7800GT, 7900GT, and X1950PRO cards. I am looking into building a budget system and would like to see some real gameplay comparisons with games like Oblivion and F.E.A.R.. I hear the X1950PRO is pretty badass but so is the 7900GT (compared to my current 5200FX). 3Dmark scores are useless to me (mainly because I have never used the program). Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. The 7800 GS performs identically to the 7600 GT. The 7600 GT is cheaper, and that's why the 7800 GS is not recommended.
    The X1950 PRO kills them both.

    I've actually reviewed these three cards on an Athlon XP 2500+ and submitted it to Tom's, I don't tknow when the review will be posted though.

    My recommendation to you would hinge on what CPU you want to pair it up with, and what games do you usually play/plan on playing?
  3. Hey,

    I have:
    3.2ghz p4
    abit IC7-Max3 MOBO
    1gig Corsair pc4000
    raptor raid0 (76gig, 8Meg cache)
    audigy 1
    Antec NeoHE550

    I went from a BFG 6800 OC AGP and could play FEAR and BF2142 on "high" but would shudder from time to time.

    I now have a Visiontek ATI x1950 pro AGP, and I can play both FEAR and BF2142 on "Max" settings. I'm very happy with the upgrade. Make sure your PSU can meet (or beat) the 400watt power requirements for the x1950 pro.
  4. Well 'currently' im playing a bit of oblivion, good deal of sword of the stars, and a few half life 2 things, some bf2142 when I get a chance; but I want to be able to play games yet to be released decently as well until I can afford to get a new system.

    Currently, and unfortunatly I can't read the information so I can't look it up, so I don't know the nitty gritty specifics(have the book and such..somewhere..) but a P4 2.8 with 1gig ddrsdram. Trying to find out the power supply and such, but its a dell xps(don't remember the number), and dell is just awful with tech support. I rushed into buying this computer, and although it runs great(aside from the now dead vid card of course), but I could have done a lot better if I was smart about it for the same money.
  5. OK. A 2.8 is a decent CPU, so a little bottlenecking will happen but it isn't a colossal issue.

    Oblivion will really show off what a 1950 PRO can do over the 7600 GT or 7800 GS.

    Half Life 2 will run High Detail and High res with anything.

    I haven't benched these cards with Battlefield 4124, you might want to check the web for that. PCI express X1950 PROs will run similar to AGP ones so you can look at other benches to see what an X1950 PRO should provide over a 7600 GT. I'd assume it's a sizable advantage.
  6. the 1950x pro is a grat card plays oblivion and half life ect ect max setings. id recomend it.

    It goes strong on those games so it should last some time
  7. Quote:
    I now have a Visiontek ATI x1950 pro AGP

    Where did you get one? I've been looking everywhere and I cannot find any X1950 AGPs anywhere at any price...
  8. I have a 7600gt in my system (p4 3ghz, 1 gig ram) and I play Oblivion on average settings (removing shadows from the grass and making the grass less pervasive helped a ton). If you have $200 to spend. I would get the 7600gt and save the extra ~90 for books this semester. You will be happy enough with it. Of course, you can always spend more for better stuff.

    Currently I am playing far cry at max settings (not a huge accomplishment, but it made me happy) and I never have any slow downs or stuttering.

    my 2 cents
  9. Quote:

    lol I can't believe it. Somehow I overlooked Best Buy. Thanks, man.
  10. I just upgraded one of my computers from a 6800GT to a X1950PRO AGP (Sapphire Tech 512MB one) and its just awesome. Was playing the vanguard beta on low settings and now I can play it with all the settings maxed out and its very smooth.

    I got the video card from Zipzoomfly (set up the in-stock notification and ordered it within an hour of getting the email that it was in stock. Looked the next morning and it was out of stock again so they are flying off the shelves). I checked out the best buy one and it was only 256MB and about 40 dollars more.
  11. Well, after reading some more stuff and doing some online searches I found

    125$ at tiger direct for a X1650 PRO, couldn't find any 1600XTs for agp, but since 1650 basically is a 1600xt its fine.

    170$ at page computers for a 7600GT

    And I found 1950pro for 240$ at amazon. Those prices seem to fall in the 'best for your money' guide so im assuming there isn't anything around that would be substantially cheaper. But the prices on cards even of the same type vary by tons. It worries me when I see some card companies cards are a lot cheaper than everyone else's, because most likly it means that they make crappy ones. Iv heard BFG and EVGA make good geforce cards, but what about radeon? How do sapphire and diamond and the rest compare?
  12. Your choices are really between the 7800 GS and the X1950 AGP PRO. The 7600 GS, while DX 9 compatible, has only a 128bit memory bus, compared to 256 bit for the 7800 and 1950. The 7600 is just slightly below the 6800/X850, performance-wise.

    So, now the choice is between the 7800GS and the X1950. Which one should you get? The answer is.. it depends. While the 1950 is ostensibly the better performer, if you plan on running Quake 4 and Doom 3, the 7800 has the better performance (in some cases, almost twice the framerate). It also has med-high performance in most other games. However, the X1950 has better overall framerates in most games, plus it will do HDR lighting with AA (which none of the 7x00 series can do, AGP or PCIe).

    So, pick which preferences you have, ensure you have the correct power supply (a 12v rail with 20A for the 7800, 30A for the X1950), and you should be pleased with whichever card you choose.
  13. I can honestly say that Sapphire and BFG are great manu's. I have a 6800GT OC AGP in my other machine and a Sapphire X1950XT PCI-E in my current gaming rig. Only thing I can say is that sometimes ATi has flakey driver releases, hence my 1950 not being full supported with drivers until the latest release (6.12) which made it a pain to not have drivers install correctly, but this has been a known issue from ATi for quite some time now. One question I have is, are you going to want to play 2007 release games? Crysis, ETQW.. things like that?
  14. Well the 7600gt according to cleeve, and I havn't seen any benchmarks that show otherwise is basically identical to the 7800gs for performance and is cheaper; so i really don't see a reason to get the 7800gs.

    However, on the subject of power supply... I found and read the owner's manual, has instructions for changing everything but the power supply. I can't open up the area where the power supply is so I can't see what it is, it looks like it should slide out somehow since it doesn't have any form of screw holding it in, but for the life of me I can't figure it out. Which, i am well aware is very important when it comes to video cards because if my power supply can't run a card, it makes the choice that much easier unless i buy a new psu as well.
  15. The 7600 GT is a PCIe card. It has more pipelines than the 7600GS, so it is able to perform similarly to a AGP 7800GS. I noted earlier that the 7600GS has a 128 bit memory bus, so it has only 60-70% of the data rate of the 7800. In the end, it's up to you.

    You really need to know what kind of power your PSU provides, otherwise these points might be moot. Even the 7600GS needs a 15A rail for juice. If you can't find out, you might as well figure in a PSU with which ever video card you purchase (figure $40-55 extra). Plus you'll need to install it yourself.
  16. Also, I don't know if this is still the case. But Dell PSU's used to be non-standard, back in the p3 days.
  17. I play oblivion on max settings + i'v edited my ini file so there are even more trees and grass around the place.

    Iv got the sapphire X1950 pro and so far iv had absolutely no problems with it. Its a great card. Are you sure it costs more than the 7800 GS? cause im pretty sure you can get it cheaper. Infact I used to have a 7800 GS extreme which i sold after using it for 5 months for the same price as i spent on the x1950 pro :roll: :lol:
  18. Quote:
    The 7600 GT is a PCIe card. It has more pipelines than the 7600GS, so it is able to perform similarly to a AGP 7800GS. I noted earlier that the 7600GS has a 128 bit memory bus, so it has only 60-70% of the data rate of the 7800. In the end, it's up to you.

    You are misinformed, sir.

    All 7600 cards have 12 pipelines, there are AGP versions of the 7600 GT (by7 Leadtek and XFX), and that AGP 7600 GT is as fast - if not faster - than the 7800 GS because of much higher memory clocks, regardless of the smaller memory bus.

    I have benchmarked them last week...
  19. *bows formally*

    Then I stand corrected, sir.
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