Will I need more fans?

the antec p180 comes with 3 fans, 2 exhaust in upper chamber, and 1 intake in the bottom section

is that enough fans? or do i need to buy more?

i heard the p180 is a cramped case, hard for wire management therefore reducing airflow, so should i buy more fans or will the stock ones be sufficient?

components include overclocked e6600 (upgrade to quad core at some point), 8800gtx, ddr800 ram 2gb, tuniq tower hsf
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  1. How hot is your system running? What size are the fans and what is the cfm that they are rated?
  2. 3 x 120mm should be good enough even at low speed. Those fans come with a 3 speed control switch too so if the case is too hot for you then just try turning the speed up one notch at a time.
  3. That case has 3 120mm fans, so you *should* be ok. There is another fan bay that you can use that requires the removal of the upper 3.5in bays. If you don't need the bay you can easily invest in another 120 to go in the front. I would suggest that you do add another fan, but you can probably get away without it. Just watch your temps!
  4. how about having the 2 exhaust fans at top and rear. then taking the bottom chamber fan and using it at the front in the top section?

    would the lower section run cool enough? im going to have 2 hard drives in there, 1 of them being a raptor
  5. I like to have air flow directly over my HDDs. It makes them run cooler and last longer. Raptors generate lots of heat. Case temps are important but you have to keep the individual components cool. A well placed fan is better than several indirect fans.
  6. ok fair point

    so im going to keep 1 fan in the lower chamber. 2 fans in the upper at top and rear, and id want to buy 1 more as the front fan. anyone recommend a good one? im not sure what cfm id need
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