P5B Deluxe 3 gb memory restriction

I would like to understand more about the 3gb ram restriction for the P5B Deluxe MB. I've currently got 4gb installed. The manual indicates that the restriction has to do with the chipset allocation with 32 bit OS. That there is no restriction with a 64 bit OS. When I installed a beta of Vista, the restriction still existed. The manual seems to reference XP 64, so, maybe that is the difference.

Anyway, I would like further clarification on the issue, which by the way, does not seem limited to ASUS and the P5B.

Thanks - Dennis
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  1. Have you tried in the BIOS : "Memory Remapping Feature" on Enabled ? It is located in North Bridge Chpiset section. Something worth for 64 bits OSes...
  2. WinXP 32-bit SP2 only addresses 3.2GB. Its not your motehrboard.
  3. I forgot to mention that I have 4gb of memory installed (OCZ 6400). It is interesting that you have 3.2. My system dedects, 3.009 in the bios, while when in the control panel, it shows 2.93.
  4. Good information! Although, at present, I've still got XP SP2 installed. I'm going to give it a try when I install Vista again. Not adjusting the first time I installed Vista may explain why the available memory amount didn't change.
  5. Please, tell me what this setting will actually do when you give a try to Vista 64...
    I have XP Pro 64 installed but with only 2 GB, obviously, can't see any difference.
  6. I'll be happy to let you know. Should be within a few days.
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