Audio Sync Woes

Hey all,

I'm now at wits end. I capture a video. I render. I preview and it's out of sync. Of course any exports are also out of sync. I tried using Virtual Dub to re-sync. Didn't work.

After reading a few posts here I wanted to try another capturing software and so far I can't get any to work with my card. Ulead Media Studio Pro 6, doesn't support my card according to their website. AVI_IO, Virtual Dub and VidCap, can't seem to find any device drivers they can use.

So the only program I've been able to capture with so far has been Premiere and I don't know if it's my settings or what. I don't know what else to try right now. I've tried capturing with the audio at a lower setting. Didn't work.

Here's my system. You'll see it should NOT be a performance problem:

Windows 2000
512 Megs of RAM
Athlon 1.1 Ghz
2 IBM Deskstar 45 gig drives in RAID-0 config
2 Cheetah Ultra SCSI drives (15K) in RAID-0 config
Pinnacle DV500 Video Capture Card
Geforce2 Pro (3D Prophet II Pro)
Sound Blaster Live 5.1 X-Gamer

Desktop Setting: 1600x1200 16-bit color depth

I have the latest Via drivers, graphics card drivers, sound card drivers, video capture card drivers and even downloaded and installed the update from microsoft for DirectX 8 BDA. I didn't get any dropped frames.

Any help would be most appreciated. I'm slowly losing my mind. When I first started this was the problem I had. I decided I needed to learn more. I did but not enough to solve this one. I'm slowly losing my mind.....

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  1. Dude VD should be able to capture A/V. What codecs are you using for audio (eg wav, mp3)? What codecs are you using for video (eg divx, mpg1, mpg2)? Try using a diffrent codecs.

    Have you got a friend with a non-Via MB that you could try your capture card with?

    Good luck
  2. 1. sb live has some known problems with video editing. it's taking too much pci for itself. try sb 128 pci (ct4810)
    2. via kt133 chipset is not good. kt133a is ok in most cases.
    3. audio playback sample rate in your editing software has to be the same as the sample rate you recorded on the camera (supposing you use the camera).
    hope it helps...
  3. I believe I have solved my problems. I hope I'm right. First off I'm using the Pinnacle DV500 capture card. I just found out from Pinnacle support that it only supports Adobe Premiere. So that's that. Sucks big time but oh well.

    Here's what I did that seems to have solved it. When I captured stuff it seems that in the project settings there is a setting that says video edit mode. It was set to Quicktime which makes sense since that was the preset I chose even though I changed some other settings.

    I didn't think this would affect anything but apparently I was wrong. I changed it to Pinnacle AVI and then did my capture and later exported to mpeg and voila, it was in sync.

    I captured about an hour and I haven't gone through all to see if the entire hour is in sync or not but I hope so.

    Thanks for your help.

    The worth of your opinion is in direct proportion to the number of people who have asked for it
  4. Not much I can do about the sound card. I have the SB Live 5.1 for a reason. I would hate to have to use a different sound card just for this but I think I've solved the problem so hopefully this will work.

    I believe I have kt133a not kt133. And as for your third point I think that may have been some of the trouble. I'm capturing from VHS not camera. Quality isn't that great in the first place. Old tapes and I think not even stereo but some are. I taped things on the same tape using different vcrs so that's a problem ugh.

    Anyway thanks for your help. See me other post for what I did that I think fixed the problem. It may be that doing that is what you were talking about in point 3. :)

    The worth of your opinion is in direct proportion to the number of people who have asked for it
  5. Dude way to go! Looks like you got it figured out. I'll still bet VD works with the card. VD is not something an average help desk guy would know about. I've got an ATI AIW and VD will capture from it.
  6. Well it WOULD be nice to try some other capture software. I've been told by quite a few that while Adobe is an awesome video editor it's not the best capture. AVI_IO seems to rank high and Virtual Dub as well.

    I will say this though, the drivers that Pinnacle has for the DV500 card would need to be wrapped or some other drivers would need to know how to access it or something. Using the VFW type drivers or the wrappers don't work. I've tried.

    I think someone would have to write special drivers for the DV500 card that supported Premiere as well as VFW and stuff and THEN I could use other capturing software.

    The worth of your opinion is in direct proportion to the number of people who have asked for it
  7. I might have spoken out of turn, VD may not work with your card. In rereading your post I see you have already tried VD for this. With my card when you select capture within VD "ATI rage Pro Theater Capture" shows up under video/source/capture source. It seems to be using some ATI software drivers but the options under VD are very different then when using ATI's software. Check out the settings under Capture avi/video/source/capure source and see if you can find drivers for your card. Sorry if you have already done this. Good luck
  8. Yeah I did that already. See that's just it. No one but Pinnacle has drivers for this DV500 card and so if the drivers they provide don't support other apps or rather dont' support the way the other apps interface with capture cards, namely VFW or some wrapper, then I'm just SOL. They've written these drivers specifically for Premiere it seems.

    The worth of your opinion is in direct proportion to the number of people who have asked for it
  9. Check this out for Pinnacle Studio Out of sync solution
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