im looking for a 200gb hard drive, can anyone recommend one? interface i need is SATAII
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  1. Why SataII? Just curious.
  2. well i know that right now theres no difference in speed between SATAI and II, but im trying to put together a system which will last a while, so im picking parts which are more future proof
  3. Which is why I asked why SataII. The interface is flawed because it has no future to it. Meaning that the SataII drive you by today is limited physically and only has throughput gain. (+-2%). If something is improved on the technology, your SataII drive you get now will do nothing. I would suggest going the a Raptor.
  4. i am getting a raptor. but i also need a SATA drive for documents
  5. Fair enough Newegg :)

    or save .49 Cents with Zipzoomfly

    Or in my case save about 5 bucks BC NewEgg charges me damn tax!
  6. is your seagate noisy at all? i heard that that drive has a lot of whining and its a fairly loud hard drive
  7. I only have one of these drives, and it's in a rather loud enclosure already, so I don't know. I use SCSI and SAS drives in my system, so I'm about as loud as you can get as far as drives go. I'm sure someone can help with question.
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