Static/buzzing with front panel

I'm using the onboard sound on my Asus P5B-E and I hear weird buzzing whenever I use my headphones plugged into the front audio jack (on a coolermaster centurion 5 if it matters). The front panel is plugged in using an HD audio connector

The buzzing is definitely effected by whats happening on the screen. For example, it will be quiet, but when I scroll a browser window, it is louder during the scroll. I don't have any problems using the rear jack.

Any ideas on what can cause this or steps to troubleshoot?
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  1. Do you have any USB devices hooked up to the front panel as well? I have the same problem with my case (Antec TX-1050B) when I have my Logitech G15 backlit keyboard hooked up to the front panel. I think its a problem with the signal wires for the audio and USB not being well shielded from each other. Whenever a device sends data and/or power through the USB bus I get noise (which is all the time if I have the backlighting turned on). My solution was to hook up the keyboard to the back of the motherboard rather than use the front panel.

  2. thanks a lot buddy,
    I ve also using a USB mouse in front panel USB as I removed its stopped buzzing.
    Thanks a ton ...
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