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April 20, 2004 1:54:26 PM

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Looking for the best connection interface and resolution.

I'm attempting to hook up my PC to my Mits 55" Gold Series (can't remember
the model #, I believe the "higher end" of the gold series). This new setup
will be eventually be a media type center for recording (PVR), possibly game
play, and audio/video.

Early attempts with my laptop, using S-Video resulted in poor, fuzzy matter what the resolution. Perhaps, I need more knowledge in
setup. The TV has a whole array of connections, including VGA, and
DVI...which at this time I don't have cables for (my pc has these outputs,
my laptop does not have DVI).

Is there a link to site I should check?

If I'm buying new cables, I would like to get the best possible connection.
I know my son would really like to play PC games on this setup, if possible.


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May 13, 2004 5:44:27 AM

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Ted, I have my Media Center PC hooked up to a Samsung DLP 46". My set
has both a VGA and DVI input. Since my Dish Satellite is using the DVI,
the PC gets the VGA input. Picture is great. As I understand it, the
quality of picure will start with the quality of your graphics card.
Mine is the ATI Radeon 9800 pro which has DVI, VGA S-video outputs. Use
the best digital connection your set can offer and the PC will do

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