Excitted about those extenal graphics cards boxes from asus?

Man, when i read that i jumped for joy, asus is gonna release an external box that plugs into a cardbus slot on a laptop. You can put any pcie16 card in there, Im thinking ill use my current card for the external box, so i can play games on my dell core duo laptop
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  1. Has to be a single slot card.

    What card do you currently have?

    I believe also that the box comes with an nvidia 7950gs.
  2. Not too excited. I would like to see its price once it hits the streets.

    Also, remember that games dont only require gpu power but cpu power also! so doesnt matter if you have a 7900gs in your laptop, if it is pentium M 1.66ghz, dont even think about expectacular gaming.
  3. maby if you are running a Core 2 duo 1.66Ghz with a 7900GS there should be no bottleneck.
  4. that might work
  5. I want an external video card for desktops with its own PSU so I don't have to upgrade my power supply everytime I change video cards.

    I think Asus has one already, but haven't heard about an 8800 external.

    That would cut down on heat in the case as well since airflow would be less restricted.
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