Avivo vs. Purevideo, Round 1: The Radeon X1000 vs. Geforce 7

I just wanted to give my homeys on the graphics card forum a heads up.

Some of you might have read an article on Tom's about AVIVO vs Purevideo a little while back. it had to get pulled because things have changed and the review I wrote was in error:

Nvidia cards no longer need to use the Purevideo encoder for hardware acceleration, they now work with any encoder that supports hardware acceleration like the ones that come withPowerDVD or Showtime...

I wanted you to know that Nvidia cards no longer require a special purevideo decoder like the first version of the article stated.

As it stands, Ati and Nvidia are on an almost even keel now: Nvidia has slightly better sharpening or 'enhancement', but Ati's is still very good. Other than that they're both so close to perfect it's uncanny.

I apologise for any confusion.
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  1. I'm SOOoo confused! :tongue:

    Yeah PureVideo's last update was very good.

    Something to note, ATi has sharpening before automatical in their MultiMediaCentre but it was not disable-able. I'm not sure if it's still there as I don't use it. Might be worth checking but doubtful it's a major issue, bt technically would offer the solution, just not through the 3rd party players.

    Interesting about the AVIVO encoder not using any portion of the VPU, a little dissapointing considering their statements of an update to support it, and it basically means that the X1K is being used like a validation key not an actual tool in the solution.

    Since this is part 1 you may want to investigate in part 2 other apps that use the VPUs for acceleration with NLE plug-ins, AVID liquid likes ATi and Xpress prefers nV (with HD being 'Quadro-only' acceleration, though gaming cards seem to work too), you could check their effects, of course as long as the gave you test .
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