Is it me or are the forums screwed up?

I came here to search the forums and the only search I see is the big search box at the top. It's the same one that shows up on every page on the site so it doesn't seem specific to the forums and I don't see a way to do advanced searches or forum specific searches. If I enter something in the box I get a 404 page so it's not very helpful even for a broad search.

I'm running on a linux box and I have scripts turned off (although I did allow all of the ones this site wanted). So I switched over to a wide open win7 box running IE thinking that would be different but got the exact same behavior.

Can someone enlighten me on how to use this site? thx.
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  1. is what you probably want. Why is it hidden away? Good question.
  2. Yes, that's what I was looking for. I tried to find it on my own and it is hidden. I did find some search capability at by tom's guide, whatever that's suppose to be.

    In the past I've come to this site for sticky hardware issues and I know I was able to search the forums. It looks suspiciously like someone's trying increase the site's revenues and rather than letting people look through forums for answers they are pushing them to open new threads. I also notice that they seem to be looking for people to answer user issues. A suspicious person might think that they were trying to come up with a scheme to charge people for help.

    As to the reason I came here today, I have a laptop that decided not to post anymore this morning. I had tried all of the normal stuff and was pretty sure I had a MB issue but I thought I'd look here to see if anyone else had the same type of issue on this particular laptop. Since this site is broken I kept looking and found this guy,, who perfectly described my issue in his problem number 3. Fortunately this laptop still had a few months left on it's warranty.

    Hopefully Tom's will decide to fix their site. It's been my number one hardware site for years. But if they won't, I'll just have to look elsewhere.
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