FTP on WIndows 2000 Exchange and SQl Server 2000

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Hi All,

I used to have FTP server or NT 4.0 and IIS 5.0.
The database is in SQL 2000 and we had a system DSN from the FTP to the
SQL server.
If any users uploaded any files in the FTP server, my SQL procedure
(which runs every minute in a scheduled job) identified the file,
populates the file and path name in the SQL database table and renamed
the file in the FTP server and accordingly used to send email to the
appropriate group.

Now we have moved to windows 2000 Exchange Server and IIS 6.0. We can
FTP the files there but the SQL stored procedure cannot rename the
file. Once I put any files in the FTP directory, the procedure
populates the table but cannot rename the file

Could you please tell me what can be wrong and point me towards the
right direction.

I have spent more than five days identifying the problem but without
any luck.

I would highly appreciate your help.

Thanks a million in advance.

best regards,

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  1. Hey, our company recently really needs a third-party software to help managing the SQL and Exchange stuff. Database and sql stuff are always tough question to me. Not everyone is born to be a computer expert!
    It's a small-sized company. We can't afford too much. I searched a lot those days. And finally decided on Easeus advacned server. Does anyone have any idea about it?
    Here is the link:http://www.todo-backup.com/business/advanced-server-backup.htm
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