I have a ASUS P5ND2 SLI MOBO, A P4 3.20 6XX H/T, and a MUSHIN 533 MHZ DUAL CHANNEL... I set it on auto overclock the system on +10% ....
the cpu become 3520 mhz, fsb 880, memory 560... But under heavy load it will triple the amount, CPU 12000 MHZ+, FSB 3582 MHZ, MEMORY 1920 MHZ...
The MOBO can only support 1066 FSB ... Even with the heavy load
with all this colossal numbers the system do not hang-up, it seems to be o.k.
The TEMPERATURE for CPU only goes up to 21 C to 24 C under heavy load and the MOBO stays on 33 C....
Is the fluctuating suppose to be normal ???

MEMORY 1.8000 V
This do not change on any load but the nvidia monitor is saying
I'm over stressing it and it may suffer damage!!! I don't know...
ALSO: I have a 500 watt psu, 3 hdd, and 1 video card...
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  1. I'm sure someone here can give you a more detailed answer, but what I can say first off is there's no way it clocks your cpu to 12ghz. It's probably just an error with the program, nothing to be worried about.
  2. flash the bios, and never trust ntune. That should do it. Use cpuz to verify on the speeds. And why never trust ntune, for one, its says my cpu is 134*c, and I'm pretty sure its not, and another, it always gives me the wrong temps[/quote

    I did it through bios.... I just use nvidia to monitor it...
  3. accordingto ntune, i have a 13ghz core2duo :lol:
  4. Quote:
    accordingto ntune, i have a 13ghz core2duo :lol:

    WOW, I think you've got THE C2D.
  5. Ha! My 15GHz P4D 805 beats you! AND it's not even a C2D!!!!!

    No really, nTune's on cheap drugs.
  6. I suggest that if you want to overclock your CPU that you should learn the basics and do it manually in the BIOS. All of the auto overclock programs are unreliable and in most cases pump way more voltage into the CPU than is necessary.
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