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If the noise isn't an issue, is there any reason not to run the gpu fan at 100%? (Lifetime issues, etc?)
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  1. no, but it won't make the gpu do anything special
  2. Please list the card in question.
  3. Exactly what video card are you talking about? My ATI X1900XT 512 GDRR3 with stock fan @ 100% literally felt like a hair dryer. Did it do anything though? Yea, it made a really loud noise and blew a lot of semi warm air out of the case. Advantages... made the rest of my computer sound really quiet. Disadvantages... annoying and pointless.
  4. It's an 8800GTX (obviously with stock cooler). Even at 100% it's quieter than my x850 xt pe was when running at it's low speed. It is also quiter than my other case fans.
  5. It might put more wear on the fan. On the GPU end, it'll be fine. Then again, I could be wrong.
  6. Like any piece of machinery if you run the fan at 100% all the time then wear and tear will shorten its life more rapidly than running it at a lower speed.

    The real question is how much shorter lifespan?

    - Ask the fan maker - but don't expect an answer soon.

    Or even more relevant - will you be replacing your shiny new GFX card with the 'next big thing' before the fan siezes up?

    That one is all yours to answer.

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