Help emailing craigslist ads with windows 7

I get Windows Live but it gives an error. I am afraid to really mess up my regular email! I am not great on computers
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  1. What's the error? You don't email cragslist ads, you post them on their site. Maybe you need to explain a bit as to what you are trying to do.
  2. Trying to inquire to buy items. Goes into windows live and error. Have tryed to copy and paste in regular email. Same problem when I tried to apply on web sites for jobs. Goes to Windows Live. Then error. I asked someone and they said too difficult to set up????
  3. trying to inquire about or buy items. Goes to Windows Live . Same thing when I try to reply on job sites. Goes to Windows Live. All back up in Windows Live as Error. I tried to cut and paste in my email with no success.
  4. Go to Control Panel->Default Programs and set what you want your default email program to be. What do you use if not Windows Live mail?
  5. Need to post the error. Have you setup the program with your email settings?
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