find WEP Key- Linksys/BT

i'm in my uncle house for 2 moths (UK) and i brought my PC with me.
i want to connect on the net with a wifi connection.
He has a linksys router and his internet provider is BT, but he don't know the WEP key that i need to connect.
how can i find it ?
thanks for your answers

ps: sorry for the english :?
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  1. Some of the admin utilites allow these keys to be viewed. I hope you mean WAP and not WEP. If you are the only uses of the wireless, it may not be setup. Just login and and set the wireless up from scratch.

    There are utilities like "ariskkey" ( will need to google if needed) that allows you to view what is hidden under arisk text. It does not work in all conditions. If you have access to the wireless setup, it may work.

    I find it easy to easier to use notepad, create the key then copy and paste, eliminates typo's, particular if they are true random text and long, 64 chr.
  2. where can i crate a wep key
  3. As stated above the simplest solution is to find (or download) the router manual and read how to address the router user interface via Internet Explorer and an ethernet cable linking computer to router.

    Once in, change the network key and add it to all the computers in use.
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